Friday, March 21, 2008

the zombie: simon garth written and drawn by kyle hotz

this comic is awesome, the art is fresh and the story is cool and original. the government accidently unleashes the zombie virus (you know the one) on a small hick town, at which point people start to eat each other. the twist is there is one good zombie simon garth who works his way through tons of zombies, hicks, and shotguns to get a little girl back to her mom. theres not only tons of violence theres tons of hick violence so if you love zombies, heroes, and hicks getting murked, then yer gonna love this book. the series just ended like last week so the trade probably wont be out fer a couple months but when it does, read that comic.


Eli Dee said...

hick violence is the best violence

word ill peep this

John said...

Ohhhhh doooood. Look when you posted. Aw, man!

Really though? Worth picking up? I'm always afraid that new zombie material will be unoriginal or, worse yet, written by Robert Kirkman.

christian said...

ohh shit,...shotguns!?pssshhhh..