Wednesday, March 26, 2008


w-warren ellis (everything,transmetropolitan) a-cary nord (conan)
sup! this is the third issue of the awesome iron man versus/teams up with the hulk mini series.this series has sweet writing by waren ellis that reminds me that superhumans are still humans but much cooler.cary nords art continues to punt asses far into the end zone and makes the hulk look terrifying.(if you've never seen his ill ass art on dark horse's "CONAN" then treat yo self and check it out.conan is a great character who always gets the ladies and a flagon of ale) The series starts with tony stark trying to cure bruce banner of his hulk-ness and then they beat the tar outta eachother.the re-envisioned leader his his enormous head and things really heat this issue we learn more about the leaders transformation and origin as well as his plans for the Stark/Banner duo.the conclusion comes next month and i dunno whats gonna happen but hopefully a giant sized head gets splattered by some giant sized hands.
---lola and destro (my cats) can't come into the bar where i read this comic so don't tell 'em they missed it.

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Eli Dee said...

all this talkie talkie make hulk bored! ONE MoRE ISSUE>!!?!?~?

hulk better smash some shit soon!

art is didope