Thursday, March 27, 2008


writer-warren ellis,mike wolfer art(?)/ vomit projected through a crude silkscreen scratched out with a paperclip by raulo caceres. published by Avatar $3.99 ongoing.
gravel is a SAS (the british precursor of the u.s. navy seals) magician who shoots people with real and magic guns in graphic ways.the story is a cool action movie about him trying to get 7 different sections of some magic book from some other booty,like raulo caceres concept of perspective is changing with each panel.sometimes i have no idea what's happening.aughh..... this comes out on time all the time but i haven't seen a new Black Summer in 2,sheeeeeit. cool action though.
---1 head smashed open
---2 magic guns
---art is booty ass with dookie creeping over the top.

it took me 2-3 times longer to write this it took to read the comic,and the post is like two lines ...c'mon y'all.


John said...

i could barely finish the first issue. blluuarghle!

christian said...

i heard the webster's and oxford english dictionaries are going to officially except the term "dookie-rific" into their publications after seeing this art.

Eli Dee said...

this shit fuckin licks ass..

i actually read 0&1 of this wack shit
horrible jus assid rain