Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank you Nathan Fox

One more issue of Pigeons From Hell to go. The horror! I just want to thank Nathan Fox, if he's out there, for kicking ass all over this book. Issue #3 has a panel of a bloodied kitchen that's just tremendous. I also need to thank him for selling me the coolest thing I own for only $40. Let's see if I can explain it:

It's two prints (roughly 24'' X 17'' each), they're entitled "Purple Rain and Red Napkins."

The two prints make up two panels of a picture of a speeding train. On top of the speeding train is a huge specter, or demon, speeding along with it, tearing it apart.

And it's in old school red and blue 3-d.

You're all invited to come look at it.

Or you could just check it out on Actually, I'm not sure if "Purple Rain and Red Napkins" is on the site, but he's got a real nice website with a lot of cool work. I'd post a photo of it, but I'm... well, technologically embarrassed right now. It'd probably be easier for all you guys to just come to Chicago to my living room.