Friday, March 21, 2008

100 bullets : split second chance

aight chall .... i told yall to peep that first trade for 100 bullets yesterday ... so i took my own advice and read the second one... and of course its filled with ill tales of payback ... but for what??? it seems that everything is connected in ways we would never imagine and it all goes back to the past .... the secret past .... the untold secret agent past of everyone this kat with the case visits... and unlike the first jam this book really left me hanging. just a lil insentive to buy more comics i guess ... but im feelin it, the art feels the same ... peeps from the first book are back ... and the ice cream man shows you what to do with a fudgesickle and a girlfriend

sshs frsssh

i give that 38 shetlin pone's outta 45 shetlin pone's

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