Friday, March 21, 2008

Dark Ivory - Image Comics

Story and Art by Joseph Michael Linsner and Eva Hopkins

I've always thought there should be more comics about moody, over-developed, teen goth girls.

No I haven't. For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Linsner, he's the creator of a comic called Dawn, from the 90's. Here it is again. Dawn for the next decade. I might read another issue just to reassure myself, but all in all, no thanks.

What a hunk.


Anonymous said...

"over-developed, teen goth girls."

What are you talking about? Did you actually look at the comic? That girl has a very modest bustline.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an insightful review. *eyeroll* That really helps me make up MY mind one way or the other. Oh thank you SO much for your in-depth commentary. & adding a picture of the creator, also deep. You R SO COOL. Let's see a picture of YOU.

Liz said...

Guess who read the rest of this series? Yeah, I did. Why? Probably for the same reason I'm still reading the Walking Dead. I held out! Hoping for redemption, for something to draw me in! Man, I wish I had checked for comments sooner so I could have let you know that it never happened. Sometimes you venture into another genre, wondering if maybe you've been too judgmental. I wanted to give it a chance, and to see if Linsner could bring me something new. It had been so long since Dawn, but all the elements were the same. If you were offended by my harsh criticism, I apologize. I expected more, but now I know. And to Anonymous...if you'd like to come down to the comic shop, we can definitely have a chit chat about the works of Joseph Michael Linsner. It seems childish to post a photo in reaction to your jab, but if you deem it absolutely necessary, I would be happy to oblige.