Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rough Riding Simian Motorcycle Gang? Yes, PLEASE!

Hell's Angels. The Warriors. Raunchy 80s porn. The Humans. I loved it.

Written by Keenan Marshall Keller
Illustrated by Tom Neely

They're not reinventing the wheel or anything, but the story is well told and the art is dope. Rival gangs and motorcycle adventure. If you love the darker side of the 70s (yes, I know I said 80s porn above), take it for a ride. It's excessively violent, overtly sexual and bursting with exploitation. Everything about this book is so "in your face" that I will be selective in my recommendation of it to the general public, certainly not for the modest of mind.

I wasn't acquainted with the works of Keenan Marshall Keller, but after a short internet search I've surmised he might appeal to the fans of Johnny Ryan and Ivan Brunetti. He has written and illustrated his previous publications, but he's only doing the story for the Humans. You can take a peek at his stuff here. So far, so awesome. Good on ya, Keenan.

I've loved Tom Neely's work for quite awhile. His art is clean and beautiful, heavy black lines. When Christian and I were talking about Humans #1 he said "I thought the art looked familiar through the whole book, but when I came to this one panel, I knew it was him. That guy can really draw a dick." And, so he can. The Blot and the Wolf both have prominently featured phalluses throughout. Check em out. Well done! 

I will absolutely be continuing this series with enthusiasm.

5 bad bikers out of 5 steel stallions.