Friday, March 21, 2008

Bat Lash - DC Comics

Written by Sergio Aragones (dude who wrote Groo), and Peter Brandvold. Art by John Severin.


I guess this dude's been around for decades, but I first ran into him in Jonah Hex. Now he's got his own (mini-?) series. Breakdown:

Issue 1: We laugh at the dandy Bartholomew Lash and his antics and romantics. And his vest. We laugh at his vest.

Issue 2: He fights a bear, saves the girl.

Issue 3: It's called "Necktie Party." 'Nuff said.

Issue 4: Gatling gun.

If you are a fan of the classic western style, pick this up. You'll laugh a lot. You'll say "Holy [insert expletive of choice]" quite a bit too. Mostly, you'll recall why you love westerns in the first place: Six-shooters, hangings, horses, corruption and, of course, revenge. My only complaint: not enough whiskey.

Mrs. Claws gives it a hearty "meow."
Kitty gives it a "chirp."
Sasha still doesn't read comics, but she'd probably take a nap on it.

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christian said...

gatling gun indeed!
lola gave it a "fuck" out of "yeah".
destro took a piss on the carpet.