Thursday, March 27, 2008


w-jonathan hickman (nightly news,pax romana) a-JM ringuet (colors on death comes to dillinger) Image comics $3.50
Transhuman is super cool and really high concept.this first issue is a documentary film produced to introduce you to this corporate world of developing the "person whose capacities so exceed currant man that we would no longer easily define them as human" they'd be like...TRANSHUMAN!(i don't know if all issues will be docu style but i'm down to find readin 'em!) Like Hickman's other work it's got a lot of meat/soy to it,so for $3.50 you get almost a whole meal. jonathan hickman has been reminding of warren ellis,while totally doing his own thing, AND american and i like it! It is really kick-ass to read homeboys work and be like "and this mother-fuckers not even english,irish,or scottish!" .....the art...awesome.i'll be lookin for this dude now.i read this book he colored called "death and the man who would not die" and it has these painted colors....AWESOOME! Msr. Ringuet can draw.i'm down.NEXT.....
Jm ringuet--- type him into blogspot

-the "Institute for Ethics in Emerging Technology" gave it a nod on their "blog" but...refered to it as "a new graphic novel series" which doesn't make much sense (this a a rant to come for later....get ready for it.)
-Sandy would love it in the same ways and tell me how while we drank the same beer.
-the cats left me alone while i read it.they could tell it was good and knew not to mess with me.

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John said...

Writer: Jonathan Hickman. Artist: J.M. Ringuet

Documentary-styled story about the startup of the human enhancement industry. Hickman, as usual, is very wordy, but this one chugs along well. Interesting plot. Funny drawings of monkey test subjects.

No cats allowed at the bar, so no kitty reviews on this one.