Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ultimates 3

listen up hoon's im loving this book / drug wait.......
uh oh. dont even get me started how ill this book is .. all ready well on its 3rd installment i am MORE than satisfied. lemme jus run down some reasons real qwik right eha:

1. black panther
2. every girl looks like theyre about to or are in the middle of having sex
4. valkyrie
5. fighting

so the art jacks streetfighter 2 zero i know... so what . thats a dope style .

this book is like being addicted 2 crack, alot happens all the time and you have no control.

just loosen up and collect some bottles so you can get that next rock you stuffy busterfinks

im giving this book 10 dime honeys for every 10 honeys

bong bong

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