Monday, March 24, 2008


yo check this out .... i didnt read this comic
no one has.... cus there aint no words (yet)... jus dope drawings. from what i gather this book takes place in the future and the star of it is a straight up fox.(she doesnt wear a whole lot of clothes ) thrrs robots and i think the government tells everyone what to do all the time. it seems
like a wack future....... cus thrrs no trees .
im pretty sure that this chick is going to stick it to the man.

once again ..... thrr aint no words.

i give the art 9 outta 10 chicken wings smuthered in franks ..... and one bone ...
basiclly an uneaten plate of wings .

so get some napkins and gnaw on this s$#!

Misericordia by definition basically means "to give mercy "*

(*qoute found on internet ...may or may not be true and or pornography)

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