Friday, March 7, 2014

Infinite Kung Fu? More like Infinite Kung Fu-awesome!

Wow. This was nothing I expected it to be, but everything I have ever wanted in a book about Kung Fu. Growing up I had a fascination with the concept of ninjas, martial arts, and Kung Fu, even going so far as to create a comic book character based on myself while I was in elementary school named Mike the Ninja.

Infinite Kung Fu starts off with two of the eight immortals and their students enjoying a meal prepared by a master chef. From here things get crazy and awesome. The reader finds out soon that the only immortal not to have taken on a student was their leader Chung Li Ch’Uan. Like any great story about good versus evil a student is soon found in an unlikely individual, in this case a deserter from the Imperial Army, Yang Lei Kung. Things only continue to get better and better as Lei Kung starts out on his journey find each of the immortals to learn from (not knowing his teacher is in fact an immortal as well as their leader). When the journey starts the readers are introduced to quite possibly my favorite character, the extremely soulful Moog Joogular. Things look to be in peril for our heroes but this is only the beginning.

This 456 page epic is a great ride from start to finish. I am extremely surprised how quickly the story progressed and how McLeod everything ties together. There is so much I am leaving out of this review intentionally unlike the previous reviews I have written because I want other readers to go in as blind as I was. If you flip the book over and check out the endorsements, I feel what Geof Darrow had to say best sums this book up, “Infinite Kung Fu is like a bitch-slap to your imagination. I am a BIG fan.”

Shaolin soul switch that was a great book.

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