Thursday, March 20, 2008

100 bullets

yea i read that piece...... i got the trade paperback hook up from lucky and crushed it in like 40 min's...its three stories all of which are fresh! the first is about a super foxy latina babe that gets some payback. the seconds about a bartender that guess what???....tries to get some frickn payback , and the third is a lil vignette of what happens in a police station on christmas and all the cops are white and all the bad guys are black........ hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
... lets jus say its not as good as the 1st or 2nd story arc
everything has to do with some kat showing up outta the blue with a briefcase and a mission for you .... in the brief case is a gun with untraceable bullets , then dude tells yah you're above the law?!??!?! word? above the law? hells ya

the art is ok i give dem sh$ts 7 outta 10 jagerbombs


its tight


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