Saturday, March 22, 2008

War Is Hell:the first flight of the Phantom Eagle

---Marvel comics.w-garth ennis, a-howard chaykin
good first issue! a cool story about a dandy-ish fighter pilot who fibs his way into a joint U.S. and RAF squadron in WWI. Garth Ennis is currently the best writer of experiences in combat and war without ever experiencing it first hand and he really kills on this book. Howard Chaykin's art looks like it was done by the aforementioned "POOP-ZILLA"of Bohde Te. The art is distractingly bad and changes the pace of the book beacause i'm slightly astounded that the art made it through the printing press.However, I hold faith that suffering through the dookie art will really be worth it and i'm excited for issue #2.

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John said...

I thought it was kind of boring. I'll peep ish 2, though. I do, however, like how they mention dudes shooting each other in the air with revolvers. I also like when he decapitates that pilot with his guns.