Thursday, March 20, 2008

comic read off malarky

hiya! alright,this "comic read off" of ours started about three weeks ago when i read 52 comics one week (26 of which was the beginning of ed brubakers' "CAPTAIN AMERICA", check it out. he turns cap into this super ill espionage story and brings back BUCKY AND IT MAKES SENSE!? i me).Curtis, in his continuing effort to be overlord of the comic shop, threw a tantrum and began reading immediately....uhmm....i...uhh...he...uhh...he has then proceeded to hand me my ass on a weekly basis at a steady margin of 30% (@$$HOLE!! and this guy has kids, two jobs, and a playstation3)! So, since i'm constantly playing catch up and curtis is going to have the whole comic shop read by this summer, the reviews on here will be very short and frequent (i mean the more time we use writing, the less time we'll have to read, and i have gotta win this thing one of these weeks! right?....). I will try my best to not give lazy reviews like "it sucks, NEXT!" or overuse the joke "hated it!" while snapping my fingers or two word reviews like "shit sandwich" to everything, but it WILL happen so bear with me. HEY! here's a quote from the intro to the orig. script for "WATCHMEN" by alan moore to dave gibbons:
" Alright. I'm psyched up. i've got blood up to my elbows, veins in my teeth and my helmet and kneepads securely fastened. let's get out there and make trouble!"

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