Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Walking Dead #48

w- robert kirkman a- charlie adlard published by Image $2.99
Now as some of you know i read the Walking Dead every month and for the last two years i don't know why.i think i'm just reading it on reflex....or possibly like a crack pipe left on the table, like " this is probably a bad idea but shit,it's there and i got nothing else going on".in this issue SOMETHING ACTUALLY HAPPENS...i know it's weird but trust me it works.it's a real nice change of pace to have some shit go down/hit the fan.at the end if this issue i said to myself "damn,i REAALLY wanna read that next issue" which hasn't happened in a long time...coincedently this marks enough issues to collect into the vol.8 collection.ohh and it's got (another) cliffhanger ending ....aaallriiight kirkman....

-gunbattle for 28 pages.sweet.
-characters only explain events directly to the reader once in the whole issue!
- an excerpt from Dana Sullivan's review "..i can't wait for rick to, ya know..grow a pair,and put a chiansaw on his hand stump". from the mouths of babes,good call D.
-characters getting merked out every 5 pages
- i really like ellipsis.

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