Tuesday, April 1, 2008

CAPTAIN AMERICA - The New Deal Vol 1

ok ok ok ok ok ok listen i LOVE cap ... that omnibus jus ripped up my hate and made me eat some sweet love pudding for your boy captain amurderka BUT(!) wtf is this salad they toss'n bout 911? COME ON! ok ok terrorists = bad, no big woop (rigtht?!?), cap throws the freekin sheild , they fall down, NEXT bad guy . well that happens alot. cap is a fucking super hero! coupla dudes with guns?!??? the 911 theme is tedious but cap keeps it real like a true hero saving the overused war on terror with dope love movement type things to say .. (i think cap is a hippie at heart ) Theres 4th of july fireworks . picture this .... CAP WRAPPED IN A BURNING FLAG
FALLING TO HIS DEATH!!! well that may or may not happen ... listen mayn tha art is RAD!~

... but since there was
1. no bucky
2. no mufucccan red skull
3. no black panther
4. no really ill superpowered bad guy at all
5. no boobs tenticles or monsters of anykind
6. nick fury ackn real bitchmade

... im going to go ahead and give this peice >>>>>>>

> 12 broken eggs outta 20 farm fresh justice nuggets


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