Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Anna Mercury #1

w- warren ellis a-Facundo Percio avatar press $3.99
another week,another warren ellis book! this ones about a future(?) city where a woman with huge red hair zips over the skyline and beats fools up while looking for a weapon of huge destruction.the art and panel layout is very clear from new comic homie Facundo Percio.like much of warren ellis' work everything is "mad and beautiful",but really cool and intriguing.the ending on this first ish made me re-appraise what i just read and i eagerly await issue #2 for clarification and more dual wielding of pistols.i would like to see a new issue of Black Summer first but...i'm trying to complain less so i'll just shut up.

-i give this book an "ill" out of "st(ill) taking my time to perfect a beat,and i st(ill) got love for the streets."

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