Monday, March 14, 2011

Victorian Undead

Written by Ian Edington
Art by Davide Fabbri

collection of issues #1-6 $17.99
Disclaimer: this is not really a review,and more like a report of my initial impression

The tagline of this book and its subtitle is: Sherlock Holmes vs. the Undead!...
well score one for the DC marketing department because that is the book right there! A strange (is there any other kind?)comet passes over London and years later bizarre repercussions are felt! what are they you ponder?uhm.....well its zombies and uh...Sherlock Holmes his partner in un-crime Dr. Watson are gonna figgur it out!this comic is cool.seriously.The Holmes/Watson friendship is very balanced in between very chivalrous teasing and devout loyalty and respect.These guys are real friends and have been "in the $#!+" together for a some time.While on the trail dark secrets from London and Holmes personal past are dredged from underground (literally!bwah!).No stuffed shirt costume drama here folks! Gore and bludgeoning are intact! Holmes lops the undeads heads off with a kukri dagger!tanks roam the streets,turning zombies into goo!Biological tampering! underworld crime!
While battling the scourge of rising dead,Holmes and Watson have this exchange:
Watson: There's no bloody stopping them!
Holmes: Aim for the head,that seems to have the desired effect!
(then removes a zombies head with the aforementioned awesome dagger)
like,fer real.that just happened.and it was awesome.check it out!
....also if ya dig this,investigate into Holmes and Watson versus Mr.Hyde in the VICTORIAN UNDEAD SPECIAL and Dracula in the currently running mini series VICTORIAN UNDEAD II: HOLMES VS DRACULA!
3.5 turn of the century revolver cylinders blasting away out of 5

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