Thursday, March 17, 2011

Deadpool Max Must-Have

Writer - David Lapham
Artist - Kyle Baker

This is a collected edition of issues #1-3.

Alright.  I can admit that I have a soft spot for Deadpool.  He's just so dumb, and driven by primal instincts for stuff like boobs and crumpets.  I'm not well versed in the Deadpool universe, but if I'm looking for something easy to read, it's a good choice!  This story arc is about a guy named Bob, an agent.  He tracks down and enlists Wade Wilson back into service.  Little does Bob know, Deadpool has his own take down The Great Hydra.  Uncomfortable situations and hilarity ensue as Bob gets tangled up with Deadpool's distorted plans to kill each member of the Twelve Headed Serpent.  David Lapham is a great writer and has a flair for the wacky.  Kyle Baker is not an artist I would expect to see penciling such gratuitous nastiness, but he does a great job!  Will I stay tuned to see what happens next?  I sure will! 

3.5 out of 5 snarky one liners

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