Monday, March 21, 2011

Pale Horse

written by - Michael Alan Nelson
pictures by - Christian Dibari (cool first name!)

Cole is a man who has always attempted to do right but has always been wronged.When his wife is murdered Cole is not having it any more.With years of experience as the most shit pants inducing bounty hunter in the south and young son in the saddle with him,Cole blasts a hole through the South and is not taking anyone alive.
This was an awesome straight ahead western.Cole is an ex-slave and former Union soldier who throws around money and bullets like a bachelor at a strip club in his possessed bid for revenge.And he doesn't take quietly to racial epithets! Some loudmouth wants to insult his recently deceased Sioux wife? Cole shoots his teeth out!In the badassery tradition of "Unforgiven" and "Lone wolf and Cub", Cole is unrelenting walking death.....with a secret past!
The dialouge here is very terse and bubbling with tension....Cole is dynamite waiting to get lit.
The art has a roughness to it that enhances the gritty realism of the book,and the color is great.The backgrounds are done with this cool dirty water color wash,so they look very vibrant without being distracting.
If you like your westerns in the style of......well if you like westerns at all give this a look.If you dig westerns like Unforgiven,Open Range,and the Searchers;then prepared to be surprised,entertained,and thrilled.and you can it read it outside and not be inside watching a western on the television!

4 out of 4 extremities removed with a high caliber revolver

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