Sunday, March 20, 2011

The New York Five #1

W - Brian Wood
A - Ryan Kelly

I enjoy Brian Wood's slice-of-hip/young-life writing style as much as the next guy. It's easy to digest and it's fun to live vicariously through the panels of each tale. I did not read the New York Four (which was released in one volume under the short lived Minx imprint), but they summarize it for you at the beginning of issue 1, to get you up to speed. Cheers to that! You get an introduction to each character with brief background detail, profile style with likes, dislikes, mood at the time, and where they might have procured that awesome pair of boots they have on. They're a diverse group of gals that live in New York and attend NYU, while sharing an eensy, weensy apartment. Like the layers of an onion (holy cliche, Liz), you peel back their stories with each turn of the page. It's presented in a way that by the end of the series all the segments that you've seen will tie together into the grand narrative.

4 out of 5 hipster jokes

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