Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fear Itself.......With A Little Help From It's Friends

Dudes! An event is happening in marvel comics right now! have you heard of it? It's called "fear itself" and it'll make your wallet piss itself in fear all right. nick summed up my feelings on crossovers pretty well in his previous post so i wont rehash it again, but i am going to attempt to read all the comics that cross over into the event. here is my my brief initial reactions to all the Fear Itself issues i have read.

Fear Itself: book of the skull - the red skulls daughter is super evil, deformed, and is the new red skull!She busts into an old ww2 era bunker of her pops to uncover something terrible! esoteric Nazi occult stuff? rad!

Fear itself #1 - Tony stark wants to help the Asgardian rebuild their home of Asgard and Odin is all like "pfft,i believe we'll be bouncing out to the cosmos instead"........things start getting all fear-y across the ancient god is awakened and pissed off.a sense of dread pervades through the marvel universe.......this could be cool.....i DO like Matt fraction.

Fear Itself: Homefront - here's a batch of four short stories: Speedball is volunteering incognito for the families of victims of the school bus explosion that started off civil war (yeah i know,like 5 years ago we're still talking about it)there are two other short stories in here that i don't even remember anything about which maybe doesn't say anything good about my memory or those stories.BUT it also features an agents of atlas multi part story that is awesome and jimmy woo kicks mega ass in.

Journey into Mystery #622 - this title used to be Thor and was about it's called Journey into Mystery and is about Loki, who has be de aged into a child.its super rad,mythical and Loki as a child allows for such great innocent mischief and misguided intent.if you dug the Thor movie check out Journey into Mystery.the asgardian aspects of it are the whip.

Invincible Iron Man #503 - this is the conclusion to an ongoing story about doctor octopus trying to best tony stark in a battle of intellects.pretty cool stuff and i love the fraction iron man, but it was barely involved in fear itself except for tony witnessing some ominous comets crashing to earth.what are they? well that is all explained in ....

Fear itself #2 - Those comets are crazy ass hammers sent by the previously mentioned awakened and infuriated elder god.....who is a Norse deity that rules with FEAR and is the oldest asgardian! These hammers are sent to people who will become this gods army of fear on earth.all them get hammers like anti Thor's or some such shite....i dunno,this is going to goofy town already.Sin goes on the offense and a ton of stuff gets blown up,so that was exciting.

Fear Itself Spiderman #1 - HOLY CRAP! new york is collectively losing their minds to paranoia and .......FEAR.riots are breaking out,chaos is all around, and spidey has gotta deal with it.color me unimpressed.all of the world is freaking out which is actually pretty scary if ya think about it,and spidey is hilarious as usual.

Journey into Mystery #623 - Loki is tryin to figure a way out of this fear itself mess, which means defying his father and getting into mischief!classic Loki.ill keep reading this book long after fear itself if this awesomeness keeps up.this book has the two things I'm real crazy about in comics right now:imagination and exploration.thinking of crazy awesome uncharted ideas and then delving into unexplored territory.solid stuff.mystic as all get out too!

Fear itself: Homefront #2 - speedball is still a well meaning douche and the whole town of Stamford turns against him as the fear spreads,more forgettable back up features and Agents of atlas/jimmy woo kickin ass in a castle.these dudes should just kept doing agents of atlas.

Fear Itself: youth in revolt - Liz's review says it all.meh-tacular.

Herc #3 - ya know, Ive never read Herc before so I'm just popping for fear itself.they did a great job of getting me up to speed right away! Hercules is depowered,works in a diner in Brooklyn,and has a ton of mystical artifacts that help him whoop booty.OK go!.....Herc fights everybody! a street gang/cult of the war god "Ares"! escaped prisoners from the raft! quasi deities!....which was all pretty silly and only tangentially involved with fear one point Herc did have me cracking up tho.Herc is doing a public appearance and listening to citizens complaints which range from a meth lab next door to a neighbors terrier barking all night.Herc's solution to all problems? they will "meet his steel" ha!

Invincible Iron Man #504 - all the citizens of Paris have been turned to stone! oh noes! iron man is gonna check it out and throws down with one of the hammer wielding "worthy" (heralds of the evil asgardian) who is made of stone! hmmm?
the banter between tony and pepper continues to be phenomenal and realistic but I'm a little Luke warm on this ish.....and i super dig Matt fractions writing.i hope this book stays great throughout the deluge that is fear itself.i dunno.

Avengers #13 - this takes place before/during the events of fear itself #1 and covers tony starks plan to rebuild Asgard from a more intimate and avengers based perspective.the avengers and the asgardians have a raging party to celebrate! it looks fun as hell,volstagg drops hints that he wants to be an avenger,luke cage slams mead like "whoa",and hawkeye flirts with spider woman.the dialogue is classic whip crack Bendis,but much like his his writing on Mighty Avengers,it does not seem to fit the characters and super heroic hulk eats a bunch of raw eggs! hilarious! this issue ends with spider-man saying "and, like that,the avengers were never going to be the same joke."
its like spidey gets the whole joke about crossovers and how they "change everything" and is cluing us in. thanks spidey.i guess.

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