Friday, May 20, 2011

Fear Itself: Round Two

(Cover to Herc #3, w - Pak, Van Lente / a - Edwards)

The Fear Train just keeps on a rollin'. This week's batch of comics are as follows:

  • Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt - Read Liz's excellent post (below) for a pretty good summary of what's wrong with this single issue. I guess it's possible that I am too far out of the Initiative loop to really "get" this comic, so I don't want to be too harsh. Except to say (or reiterate from Liz and Christian) that Thor Girl is incredibly fucking stupid. Thor Girl? Everything else aside, you can't think of a better name than "Thor Girl?" I find this character offensive to Thor, fans of Thor, fans of comic books, and all women, everywhere.
  • Herc #3: Herc so Silly! I had no idea. Brooklyn's got The Fear and Herc's on the case, promising to let evildoers "taste his steel." It seems like more than a few of these tie-in titles feature main characters fighting slightly more crime than usual due to the serpent god's Fear Juice. Starting to feel like a cop out; I am increasingly disinterested.
  • Avengers #13 - I completely agree with Christian (see below) and his take on the Bendis dialogue thing. Pretty snappy and what-not, but a little jarring. Entertaining, but distracting. But Bendis has to make word balloons: he can't not. Watching Avengers flirt with each other, though, is...not good? I don't know. I am indifferent to this book.
  • Invincible Iron Man #504 - Unread, as of this writing. Dammit.
Second Session Report: When I was reading, I didn't think I minded these comics. But when I look over these bullet points I'm not seeing a lot of positivity. This is troubling: am I becoming inured to crossover bullshit? Have to keep on eye on this.

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