Monday, September 26, 2011

Star Trek #1

W - Mike Johnson   A - Stephen Molnar

I guess I'm not a secret Star Trek fan, really, I'm just not a public one.  I have a sentimental affection for Star Trek, so I decided to give this comic a go.  There are (or have been in the last couple of years) SO MANY Star Trek comics popping up that I've had no interest in even looking at them.  I'm not entirely sure why this one grabbed my eye, but it did.  And, it was awesome.  It has all of the classic Star Trek elements that we love: the bridge, the "Oh my god, what is that?! Put in on screen!", the mysterious affect of whatever "it" was on the crew.  Awesome.  The art isn't my all time favorite, but it's good and the characters look like the respective, real life, people that played them in the most recent movie.  I think I'll probably read this series on a regular basis.  Nice work, dudes.

4 out of 5 problems with the teleporter.

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