Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nick's 2010 List

I'm glad we started up with the comic blogging again. I hope any of you out there reading this stuff enjoyed and were possibly informed by our bullshitting and ranting over the past few months. We'll try and keep it up, and, now that the holiday season is winding down, there should be more posts, more regularly. Probably.

Here are some of my favorite books of 2010. Here, also, are some other books that were released in 2010. Similar lists from different nerds will be popping up on this blog shortly.

Do all of these make sense? Were they released in 2010? Were they just released partly in 2010? Shut up, who cares:

Best Ongoing Series
  • Irredeemable (w/Mark Waid, a/Peter Krause)
  • Sweet Tooth (Jeff Lemire)
  • Rasl(Jeff Smith)
Best Graphic Novel
  • Acme Novelty (Chris Ware)
  • Revolver (Matt Kindt)
  • Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk (Ben Costa)
Best New Series
  • Biomega (Tsutomu Nihei)
  • Thor, The Mighty Avenger (w/Roger Langridge, a/Chris Samnee)
  • Sixth Gun(w/Cullen Brunn, a/Brian Hurtt)
Best Single Issue
  • Sweet Tooth #11: "Gonna Kill Everyone..." (Jeff Lemire)
Best Mini Series
  • Stumptown (w/Greg Rucka, a/Matthew Southworth)
  • Abe Sapien: The Abyssal Plain (w/Mignola, Arcudi, a/Peter Snejbjerg)
  • Scott Pilgrim (Brian Lee O'Malley)
Things I Was Really Looking Forward To That Ended Up Kind of Sucking
  • Incognito: Bad Influences (Ed Brubaker, what's happened to your work? Are you okay? I still believe in you.)
  • Superboy (I still don't believe Jeff Lemire actually wrote this.)
  • Daytripper (Stick to drawing, Moon/Ba.)
Books I Sincerely Meant To Read This Year But Didn't, For Whatever Reason
  • King City (Can a brother get a first issue?)
  • Joe the Barbarian
  • Morning Glories (so much hype!)
Biggest "Aw, Shit" Disappointment of 2010
  • Unknown Solider Getting Canceled by DC/Vertigo
Biggest "Aw, SHIT!!!!!" Awesomeness of 2010
  • Planetary #27 and the Conclusion of One of the Best Series of All Time

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