Sunday, December 26, 2010

Liz in 2010!

At the behest of the powers that be, I have compiled a handful of appreciated titles from this past year.  Do these all fit into the categories that their listed in?  Probably not.

Best GN

  • h day (Renee French/Picturebox Publishing)
  • X'd Out (Charles Burns/Random House)
  • Guerillas (Brahm Revel/Image Comics) - I can already hear you judging me.  Liz, you say, this was a serialized comic book and we all know that when serials are collected, they are a trade paperback, not a graphic novel.  But wait!  What happens when the series gets canceled without finishing in singles?  And then!  It gets released as one complete story, in one complete graphic novel?  Huh?  What about that?  Yeah.

Best New Series

  • Chi's Sweet Home (Kanata Konami/Random House)
  • IZombie (W-Chris Roberson A-Mike Allred/DC Comics)
  • Meta 4 (Ted McKeever/Image Comics)

Best Single Issue

  • Scalped #35 (W-Jason Aaron A-Danijel Zezelj/DC Comics)

Best Mini Series

  • Demo II (W-Brian Wood A-Becky Cloonan/DC Comics)
  • Bulletproof Coffin (W-David Hine A-Shaky Kane/Image Comics)
  • Sky Doll (Various writers and artists in the newest incarnation of Barbucci and Canepa's creation/Soleil via Marvel Comics)

Best Ongoing

  • Sweet Tooth (Jeff Lemire/DC Comics)
  • Chew (W-John Layman A-Rob Guillory/Image Comics)
  • Walking Dead (W-Robert Kirkman A-Charlie Adlard/Image Comics) - I feel obligated to insert a little addendum here for the Walking Dead.  I have been consistently reading this title since its release, on a monthly basis.  For me, its become something like that girl you just can't help calling at 3am when you're drunk, because you know she'll always answer.  Or, like a manageable heroin addiction.  Just a dose here and there.  You don't love it, but you have to do it.  You might feel a little dirty or ashamed when it's over, but it's just something that has to happen.  I can't get away from the Walking Dead.  So, while it's listed in my 'Best Ongoing' category, I may not think it's the best, exactly, but I am reading it every month and usually having a conversation about it afterward.


christian said...

wait........everything collected in guerillas vol.1 is all the stuff they came out in singles already! thats a trade!!!! who GAF tho.

Matt said...

Amen to The Walking Dead, sister. It's not that I love the thing ... it's just a habit I can't break.