Saturday, November 20, 2010

Percy Gloom

by Cathy Malkasian

Cathy Malkasian has made the jump from animation to print!  This woman is responsible for shows like: The Wild Thornberry's, Rugrats, and Aaah! Real Monsters.  A veritable Nickelodeon legend!  Humorous and bewitching at the same time, Percy Gloom is a unique gem of a story. Living with his mother in an unreal world of secret societies, bureaucratic security, and the looming prophecy of the Gloom death-slap that killed his own father, lazy-eyed Percy Gloom fights to overcome the loss of his wife, Lila, to a truth-pointing, lotharian, cult-leader. Approached by his doctor to help protect some special people and given advice by some talking goats, Percy comes to terms with his place in the gloomy world and finds himself reaching enlightenment (literally).  She has done an excellent job transitioning from all-ages television into classy, grown up stories for insightful adults.  The art is beautiful and draws you into Percy's sad existence with ease.

8.5 out of 10 ridiculous product warning labels. 

Also, check out Temperance, her newest book.   Temperance is an eyewitness's account of recovery and awakening. This graphic novel works on two levels. It considers the concepts of violence, stories, and belief, and their place in holding a culture together, slyly echoing contemporary political issues in a nation at a stressful time currently at war with a ubiquitous enemy.  Sagacious and intricate, good shit.

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