Friday, November 19, 2010

Four Eyes

Written by Joe Kelly
Illustrated by Max Fiumara

Queens, New York 1934.  America struggles in the grip of the Great Depression, and ten-year old Enrico is willing to make any sacrifice to take care of his mother.  Even if it means taking a job in the one place he's forbidden to go...the ring of fire where dragons are trained and fought for cash and glory.

Whaaaaaaaaaa?!  Dragons in the criminal underworld of the Great Depression!?  This book is great!!  It inspires emotions across the, sadness, excitement, fear.  Enrico is the bad-assest little bad-ass ever!  He stands up for his mother with conviction and does everything in (and beyond) his power to be the man of the house.  The story is brimming over with honor, clandestine activities, and heart warming moments.  No spoilers here.  Read this book, and be prepared to beg for more.

9* out of 10 scaly beasts in a ring of fire.

*this book only receives a less than perfect score for leaving me wanting so much more*

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