Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wolverine:old man logan giant size dropping 9/23!

So i think old man logan has been totally kick ass! yeah,more so then uh....kick-ass.heh!i like THIS mark millar.no half ass political metaphors to cloud the phenomenal action and awesome serial storytelling.SNIKT mofos!i dont even care about the delays (allthough they are hilarious!) i mean im still waiting for the last issue of planetary! so i will continue to wait until the conclusion that drops 9/23! we'll probably see a hardcover collection around november-ish.if you haven't checked this one yet all the singles are in print,scwoop em up.do you like wolverine?word,me too!do you like Unforgiven? shit yeah, you KNOW i do too! then read this piece!


Dan Izzo said...

Hell yeah this kicks ass. I was very bummed to see that we'll need to wait a long time for the conclusion, but this has been one of the best books I've read in a while.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Fraction & Brubaker, I have been really disappointed with the Marvel writers of late. I was happy to see Millar brought in this arc is FANtastic!! I will probably have to re-read the arc when the conclusion finally drops. Fine though. it was great.