Saturday, January 17, 2009

Angel of Death

I'm gonna call this awesome already! Angel of Death is an online series that will air on-line on Sony pictures CRACKLE site.Zoe bell (stunt woman premiere,baddest in Death Proof!) plays Zoe,a hit woman who suffers some extreme head trauma causes her to see the ghosts of people she's killed......and they want revenge! To get herself some peace she starts killing of the people who originally contracted her...or she's hallucinating,crazy, and on a rampage! Either way, seems awesome to me!Starting in February the episodes will be 8-10 min. and premiere every week for ten weeks.I think my rabid respect and fandom for exploitation films and Mr.Brubaker is no secret, show yer these as they premiere and scwoop up the inevitable DVD later this year! they'll be like a video comic issue every week!talk to yer fiends about it!come into the comic shop and yell with us about what happened each week,and what will happen next! I expect hilarity,brutal action,and great line delivery!

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