Friday, January 9, 2009

ALRIGHT!!! did y'all see that! nixon is president!third term! world wide nuclear war is ineveitable! the owl is a dumpy man longing for his glory days! the comedian is shooting at JFK! things that are only hinted at in the comic are fully expanded on the screen.....i think! we'll see,and by that i mean i will definateley be seeing this for sure.....opening day style.and not in a fanboy/comic book anthropoligist way.yes,truly jazzed.i'm excited as a comic and film fan....and i will be making a t-shirt with watchmen written in kanji,yeh thats happening.
-when i first saw this my eyes got big and blank,and my nose started gushing pumped i turned into a manga technique to show aroused excitement.whew...its's been quite the morning!

-trailer courtesy of traileraddict


tdh said...

After the recent court action, is this movie even going to be released in North America?

1) When you make those kanji Watchmen T-shirts I want one! XXL pleez!!

2) I was so geeked about this once I saw the trailer had to hit you guys up and buy a new copy of Watchmen! Then proceeded to re-read it TWICE!

Volkai said...

Ditto on tdh's #1 (but XL.)

Also, d'you guys have any plan for when/where you're all headed to see Watchmen? Maybe we can get some kind of massive group (I'm thinking Vault/Ops/GYGO/Labyrinth + interested customers of all places) together to all see it in one theater.