Monday, June 2, 2008

Angel: Revelations

Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Art by Adam Pollina

I'd like to start this off by saying that I don't read too many Marvel titles. I've never been a huge fan of superhero comics, I kinda pick and choose. So, this comic is about Angel, of the X-Men. I like the way the story is told. It's very welcoming to me, as an outsider of sorts. A tiny girl with stigmata tells her local priest about dreams she's been having which involve Warren Worthington (Angel). And so begins the tale, but the real sugar here is the art. It is absolutely unique, I love it. Check it out, breathe it in.

It gets a triple threat out of a double entendre.


Anonymous said...

ishs so buckin fad-ass!!!!

angel ... my least favorite Xman
but .....
the art is top notch
and what else is there really
its that fuckin good

i want the hard cover

Liam said...

I read this comic all the way through, loving every single beautifully drawn panel, before I looked at the artist name to find it was one of my all time favorites: Adam Pollina. For those of you who don't remember him, he had a long run as the penciller for X-Force back in the 90s, which I think was one of the best mainstream superhero titles of its time. Definitely check this series out and hopefully Adam Pollina will stick around