Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ms. Marvel #1

Here's the thing, I have an obsession with wanting to be a superhero. Like I am planning on starting martial arts training so that I can kick butt and satisfy some bit of my dream. And now I know that I am not alone.

G. Willow Wilson has managed to write a story about an entirely unique character, and at the same time write a story about every kid who has ever dreamed of being something more, of every outcast who wanted to fit in, of every boy and girl who has wanted to change the world. Kamala Khan could be me. There is something so radical about a story that makes you feel like it could be about you. 

The thing about Ms. Marvel that I think I liked the most, though, was that while reading this book I stepped into the life of a Pakistani-American Muslim girl. I was able to draw connections between my life and hers, and I was able to look at the world through her eyes. I feel confident that Wilson's writing was true to what that life experience would be like. It is so easy for me to believe that someone might say to someone "Ugh, Kamala -- no offense, but you smell like curry. I'm gonna go stand somewhere else." 

So while I have fallen madly in love with Kamala Khan because I can relate to her on a level that I normally cannot relate to others, I have also fallen in love with the fact that she is so different from me, and yet exactly the same. Just ask my mom how many times I have said, "Don't you trust me?" and "If I was a boy, you'd let me go to the party."

Let's also not forget the AMAZING art work by Adrian Alphona and coloring by Ian Herring. I love superhero comics that don't necessarily look like superhero comics. And of course I love when women look like real women. Really I have very few words for how beautiful it is. Good job guys.

Get it here dude!

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