Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moped Cow: Who Are You, Moped Cow? / Moped Cow in Atlantis

The first book Who Are You, Moped Cow? Starts with the question, “Hey, Moped Cow, what’s your story?” asked to an upright cow, wearing a scarf, driving goggles while he is drinking a bottle of beer. Coy on the story of his life, and claiming he has actually lost it, the trusty moped, Vesperina decides to dive in and tell his. It is an unbelievable life story that is full of laughs, a bit of sorrow, but ultimately groovy one.

On the hunt for the ultimate good time, Moped Cow along with Vesperina come across the legend of Atlantis. How did the mythical city sink into the ocean? Was it a giant earthquake? Could it have been due to their legendary parties? Moped Cow and Vesperina search for the truth in this fun read! Also there is a bonus comic staring Galaxy Cow! All I will say is, the earth owes a lot to Galaxy Cow.

Self-published, written and illustrated by Grand Rapids local Anna Bowles, both of which are very short and fun reads. Who Are You, Moped Cow?, is produced in the style of black and white while, Moped Cow in Atlantis is colored.

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