Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Bombyce Network

W/A - Cecil and Corbeyran

I was drawn in by the cover art.  What a stroke of luck, this book is AWESOME!

Flea and Elmore are thieves.  They're part of a network.  The Bombyce Network.  They have gotten themselves into a bundle of trouble by robbing the wrong powerful people.  Nasty things are going on amongst the upper echelon of the French elite and this burglary could expose them all!

As indicated by the cover, the art is amazing.  It's rich like a painting and still maintains the crispness of penciled lines.  The story is gripping.  Originally 3 issues, Corbeyran left the series after issue two.  There was a three year wait between the first two, and an EIGHT year wait for issue three.  Yeesh. The split-up is noticeable in the writing even though it's not directly made clear.

Cool shit.  4 out of 5 gold schillings.

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