Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steampunk Palin #1

By Fred Perry, Ben Dunn

So, yeah. This exists. Sarah Palin as a steam-powered cyborg combating the evil "oil and nuke" conglomerate for control of the world's energy. Her sidekicks are Robama (I know) and John McCain. Our three heroes are setting aside their political differences for the greater good. Also, Al Gore is the bad guy. Spoiler Alert. "The Gore!"

Hoo boy. I read this shit. For you I read this. There's nothing really more to say about this book except the fact that there are almost as many pages of Palin pinups in the back as there are pages of fucking comic book. They are not hot.

I guess that this started out as an internet goof, with the cover floating around for a while before it got picked up by Antarctic Press. It probably should have stayed out there in meme-land. To be perfectly clear, this book is an unmitigated piece of shit. Steampunk Palin isn't bad enough to be campy and entertaining and it definitely, definitely isn't good.

I just hope that this comic doesn't in any way deter from an important political voice, one of the few politicians out there with the guts to tell it like it is. It certainly won't affect my decision come voting season, 2012, you betcha.

1 out 5 mangled moose carcasses

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