Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"His hands looked like they were made by a sculptor who worked in wood, and thought big."

Parker:the Hunter
w/a- Darwyn Cooke adapted from the novel by Richard Stark (pseudonym of Donald Westlake)
Parker:the hunter? more like parker:the shit! this book was so effin great!i have been anticipating the release of this since it was announced last july,and it totally delivered.The Hunter is the story of meticulous planner and career criminal Parker who is double crossed on a heist and left for dead by his associates and his wife.Parker's not having that and comes back to New York lookin for his money from the job......and he's going to get it.Darwyn Cooke is one of the most amazing and unique illustrators ever,and he can tell a phenomenal story as well! (dc:new frontier,the first 13 issues of the spirit relaunch!) Parker is a very personal project for Cooke and he clearly has taken his time with the adapting and design of gorgeous visuals.the art is all two tone,black with a water colored blue on top. it is simultaneously hard and light,much like the character parker himself.he is out for revenge but has no extreme emotions (love,fear,hate,happiness!).the bold ink is the perfect compliment to his solid drive for revenge,while the watercolor brushing mirrors his ethereal emotions and desire. When thinking of his ex-wife Parker ponders "He hated her.he hated her and he loved her and he'd never felt either emotion for anyone before.never love,never hate,never for anyone.She put him here." check out a preview here
An amazing character that is not immediately likable (but fun to watch get turned loose) and an amazing effort from one of the mediums top talents.
-thank you mr.cooke.
In celebration of the bad-assery of The Hunter we will be having a movie showing of Payback:the Directors Cut.payback is adapted from the same source material as "the hunter" and stars mel Gibson as "Porter".this film is real awesome-ness and is directed by Brian Helgeland (oscar winner for best adapted screenplay-l.a. confidential ,shit!) come hang with us and watch "parker/porter" wreak havoc on the criminal underworld in search of his cut.if you've seen payback and NOT the directors cut it is a totally different and better film then the theatrical but.less gibson,more're in for a treat.

poster by the lovely jeremy wheeler. peep it!

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