Saturday, March 28, 2009

Final Crisis #1-7

Yet another reminder of why Crossover Event titles suck balls. Don't waste your money. Seriously, it's a complete mess. I can't even tell you what happened because I didn't understand any of it. Something to do with Darkseid and something called "Anti-Life" and every frickin' Super Hero that's ever been in a DC comic. Oh and Batman dies (right, like that'll take). I don't know, maybe I missed something amidst the twenty different stories being told simultaneously, but, since I couldn't possibly muster the will to go back and read it all again, I guess I'll never know. I'm extremely disappointed in Grant Morrison (whom I've always been a huge fan of) who, despite his intelligence and imagination, somehow crafted this disaster. Of course it's not entirely his fault. Everyone at DC Editorial should be ashamed of themselves. Hey guys, it's called "creating a cohesive storyline". Look it up. Perhaps I'm being too harsh, I suppose there are some interesting ideas caught up in all this, but the execution was just so sloppy that they must've gotten lost in the chaos. I really don't like being so negative but I'm haveing trouble coming up with something positive to say here. I guess bringing Barry Allen back was pretty cool. I always liked Barry.

Go pick up the Crisis On Infinite Earths trade instead, which is a fine example of how this sort of thing should be done.


JMR said...

your analysis of this series is succinct and spot-on. there is a part of me, though, that feels that the review is an understatement; that it doesn't quite capture how bad it really is.

i too am an acolyte of grant morrison. his work on all-star superman, the invisibles, we-3 and doom patrol guarantee his entry into the pantheon of great writers.

however, the one-two punch of final crisis and batman r.i.p. leaves me dumbstruck. i hope that his upcoming batman & robin series with frank quitely will be the only mainstream book that he works on this year. morrison really needs to get back to creator-owned work.

i think that he has another masterpiece in him ala the invisibles. he just needs to give himself the space to write it.

Moneyeyes said...

Yeah, I did pull my punches a bit, I was trying to be nice, because of my enduring affection for Morrison's work. I notice you failed to mention "Animal Man", perhaps you haven't read it? I know I've recommended it on several occasions. It is a work of genius.

I would love to see G.M. do another book on par with "The Invisibles" and "The Filth". His creator-owned stuff never ceases to astound me.