Monday, August 25, 2008

Osamu 'Rob Zombie' Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka just blew my mind. MW is dark. Black, even. Blacker than the Earl of Hell's waistcoat, this is. And I thought 'Buddha' was colorful! I mean, it's got it all: murder, mass murder, rape, child rape, torture, invalid rape, suicide, and once in a while you'll see a priest slug someone in the gut.

The story follows two men, bound by fate, one a priest, one the devil incarnate. MW 'probes' the complexities of homoeroticism and throws in a little political espionage for good measure. The brutality in this book cannot be ignored. Not one punch does Tezuka pull and it makes for great reading. I read the trillion page epic 'Buddha' earlier this year and was impressed, but this is something else. My favorite of his so far. Please read this, guys.

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Audrey Karlstad said...

Reads remarkably fast for how long it is. I just had to keep reading. My favorite part is when the lady at the newspaper does her good deed. How cute.